Welcome to the Website of the Alberta-Saskatchewan Canada Unit of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International!

This is the site where members and potential members can access information and services offered by the Unit and keep in touch with others involved in the Unit’s Activities. If you have additional information and updates for your activities contact Len Kroeker at :


**For those that may not know, I insert the (at) in the email address to deter website spamming of email addresses by “robots”… Just click on the email in blue and it should open your email account with the address in place.  If not, just substitute the @ sign for the part that reads (at).  

If you are interested in becoming a member of our club, please click Become a Member of the Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit in the Menu on the right side of this page.
Our Club Magazine is called the Blue Beret. Access the Blue Beret here.
Also:  Click on the images on this page as they link to various pages of the site, or use the tabs in the top menu. 
An updated membership list is posted on the Members Only link
Notice: the password for the -Members Only- has not been changed yet , contact Len Kroeker if you need it.
In order to maintain site security this password will be changed periodically, please feel free to contact Len at any time if the password you have fails to work. 
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